French Wine Essentials

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From MYR 3980 nett per person

What you get and what is included:

  • French Wine Essentials
    - Study Pack (Workbook + Textbook)*
  • Samples for tasting during curriculum
  • One sitting of examination (subsequent re-sits chargeable)

*If applicable / provided by education principal

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Upcoming Course Dates

  • French Wine Essentials
    • Weekend Lesson (7th & 8th September 2024)
      Address: To be confirmed
      September 7, 2024 - September 8, 2024
      9:30 am - 5:30 pm

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About this course:

WSG Essentials present the often complex world of French wine in an accessible and engaging way; highlighting “need to know” regions, grape varieties and wine styles. Students explore the culture, cuisine, history, viticulture and winemaking principles behind the most influential wine regions in the world.

Course objective:

1. Understand the key environmental factors and viticultural practices and how they impact the style and quality of each “need to know” wine.
2. Understand the key vinification and winemaking practices that impact the style and quality of each “need to know” wine.
3. Understand the basic tenets of French wine law and recall labeling terms.
4. Know the grape varieties, styles and quality levels of wines produced within the designated appellations.

Course Outline:

- History of France
- The essential wine growing regions
- Climate, soils, topography, main grape varieties
- Understanding French wine law
- Deciphering French Wine labels
- Wine styles and cuisine
Sparkling Wines of France
- Understand the production methods of Champagne and their impact on flavor
- Learn about the different styles of Champagne as well as sparkling wines from other regions, like Crémant
Northern France
- Voyage to the royal territories of the Loire Valley with the famous white wines of Sancerre and Vouvray
- Take a virtual journey to the rolling hillsides and quaint villages of enchanting Alsace while you meet the "need to know" grapes and wine styles
Central France
- Gain key takeaways from the sometimes challenging and complex region of Bourgogne
- Head south to uncover the unexpected in Beaujolais
Southern France
- Discovering the Rhône Valley: grasp the differences between Northern Rhône Syrah and Southern Rhône blends
- See what all the fuss is about with a stop in Provence, for some rosé, of course
- Wrap up your vinous journey with a visit to the vast landscape of Languedoc-Roussillon


4 Sessions (7 hours each) + 1 Session (Exam) on Schedule

Course assessment:

The exam is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions. Students have 45 minutes to complete the exam. Passing score is 60%. There is no wine tasting component on the exam.

Entry Requirements:

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.
You must be of legal drinking age to participate in any alcohol tasting.
However, this is not a barrier to successfully completing the qualification.


Upon passing, receive your well-deserved WSG Essentials certificate, acknowledging you have gained proficiency in the wines of France

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