Cicerone Certified Beer Server (In-Person)

Course Fees

MYR 1480 nett per person

What you get and what is included:

  • Cicerone Certified Beer Server - Study Pack (Workbook + Textbook)
  • Samples for tasting during curriculum
  • One sitting of examination (subsequent re-sits chargeable)

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Upcoming Course Dates

  • Cicerone Beer Server (In-Person)
    • [Subang] Saturday Lesson @ Farmer's Bar (18th May 2024)
      Course Name: Cicerone Location: Farmer's Bar Address : Subang Parade, Lot SP01, Lower Ground Floor, Jalan SS 16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya. Selangor. Date: 18 May 2024 Time: 9.30am-5pm Amount of pax: 10 slots
      May 18, 2024
      9:30 am - 5:00 pm
    • [Subang] Saturday Lesson @ Farmer's Bar (29th Jun 2024)
      Course Name: Cicerone Location: Farmer's Bar Date: 29 June 2024 Time: 9.30am-5pm Amount of pax: 10 slots
      June 29, 2024
      9:30 am - 5:00 pm

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About this course:

Great beer service begins with the fundamentals: beer clean glassware, a proper pour, and beer that hasn’t been ruined by improper handling. When properly executed, these elements showcase the beer as the brewer intended. And in today’s beer world, every dialog between server and guest begins with talk of beer styles and flavors.

The Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam assesses these skills to recognize those individuals who are best prepared to sell or serve a wide range of beers.

Course objective:

1. Become conversant in the language of beer, including key flavor words and core beer styles

2. Master the details of beer service, including glass preparation and proper pouring of both draft and bottled beers

3. Learn the three most common ways the flavor of beer can be ruined after it leaves the brewery and what must be done to prevent this from happening

Course Outline:

  1. Keeping and Serving Beer
    a. Purchasing and accepting beer
    b. Serving alcohol
    c. Beer storage
    d. Draft systems
    e. Beer glassware
    f. Serving bottled beer
  2. Beer Styles
    a. Understanding beer styles
    b. Style parameters
    c. History, characteristics, and flavor attributes of styles by region
  3. Beer Flavor and Evaluation
    a. Taste and flavor
    b. Identify normal flavors of beer and their source
    c. Off-flavor knowledge
  4. Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes
    a. Ingredients
  5. Pairing Beer with food


7 hours

Course assessment:

The exam consisting of 60 multiple choice questions. These questions cover topics presented on the Certified Beer Server syllabus. 

A score of 75% (at least 45 questions correct) is required to pass. This is a closed book exam. Candidates are not allowed to refer to any notes, reference materials or accept assistance or advice from anyone else while taking the exam. The exam has a 30-minute time limit.

Entry Requirements:

No pre-requisites required.


Upon passing the exam, you will attain the title of "Certified Beer Server" which comes with a certificate and pin.

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